2016’s Best Retail Installations

Posted by Rob Gleave on 26 October 2016

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In today’s competitive retail landscape, standing out is more important than ever.

When compared to the ease and accessibility of online shopping, physical stores now have to work harder by creating retail experiences which generate longer browsing time and repeat custom. As a result, retailers are increasingly using interesting and artistic installations that capture their customers’ attention.

Here are five of our favourite installations from 2016:


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Renowned for its best-selling beauty products which promote well-being, Aveda is a staunch supporter of all things eco-friendly. That’s why the company chose to install an upcycled display in its stores. By using cardboard boxes that Aveda ships its products in, the brand has ensured that nothing has gone to waste. The end result is a giant pixel wall created by projecting Aveda’s campaign imagery. An effective and carefully considered installation that brings the brand’s campaign to life.


(image: retaildesignblog)

Denim giant Levi’s has long been a champion of its customers putting their own stamp on its products. But rather than wait for customers to get their purchases home to add some original and creative flair, Levi’s introduced the Tailor Shop and Tailor Bike, to add some extra excitement to its customers in-store experiences and also allowing the retailer to take its services to festivals and other events. 

Laura Ashley

(image: retaildesignblog)

For its spring store displays, British retailer Laura Ashley brought the great outdoors indoors by installing a wall of flowers in each of its stores. Using hundreds of wildflowers, as well as moss and other greenery, Laura Ashley created a giant meadow to bring its spring campaign to life. Like Aveda, Laura Ashley is mindful of its environment and strives to reuse and recycle when it best can. For this installation the brand upcycled materials from its previous displays, such as rope, fabric and crates which became part of product displays and added more depth to the English country garden theme.

Marc Jacobs

(image: retaildesignblog)

For the launch of fashion designer Marc Jacobs’ new beauty range, the brand created a pop-up installation at Harrods. The installation featured larger-than-life Marc Jacobs beauty products, such as giant lipsticks and eyeshadow compacts, which were dotted around the pop-up space to reinforce the brand’s fun and at times quirky ethos. The installation also featured interactive screens where customers could watch and listen to beauty tutorials, tips and advice from the Marc Jacobs team.


For its UK launch across Boots stores, LA-based make-up brand NYX Cosmetics sought to create installations which reflected the brand’s funky attitude. Despite not previously having a presence in UK stores, NYX has an incredible online and social media following, and the vibrant displays created, installed and merchandised by the Momentum Instore team made a bold and loud statement to UK shoppers that NYX had arrived.

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An Installation Case Study

Working with the retail institution that is Boots, Momentum Instore delivered a high volume installation campaign which aimed to make the shopping experience a more pleasurable one.

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