Is Your Installation Team Brand Compliant?

Posted by Paul McCarthy on 27 June 2016

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Does your installation team understand your brand?

It’s a question that retailers must consider when taking on a new installation project. From the intricate details of the planning stages to ensuring that the old installations are taken out and disposed of efficiently, an installation project must ensure the retailers’ requirements are met. That is why having the right installation team is essential.

Firstly, why do retailers need to update the in store look? The reasons are vast from having to simply dispose of old, irrelevant fixtures, to staying abreast of competition or even for a full brand facelift. Whatever the reason an installation team must meet the requirements set out by the retailer.

Installation projects can present significant disruptions, and even more so if the project overruns or isn’t implemented properly. That is why retailers must ensure that all work is carried out effectively, minimising the impact on trade and, of course, getting it right first time.

Momentum Instore has compiled a list of the research and planning advice that any good installer team must know before taking on a project.

Qualities of a good installation team

- Consistent: Able to achieve and implement brand guidelines
- Efficient: They should minimise store disruption where possible
- Eye for detail: An installation team must be able to spot the smallest inconsistency, ensuring quality across all work.

Logistics and Pre-planning

They say that luck favours the best prepared and we believe success is determined by those who prepare and plan effectively. From out of town retail parks to city centre shopping centres, the logistics of getting in and out of a shop to complete an installation must be outlined. A well planned installation project must take into account the small essentials such as the appropriate procedures of gaining access to the shop.


In-store installations can range from the weird and wonderful to more traditional shelving and island displays – all of which can come at a high cost. Hard wood installations, mirrors and quirky displays can be appealing to thieves and also present health and safety dangers to customers if left out on the shop floor. Your installation team must ensure that all installation collateral is managed carefully and doesn’t present a danger to customers or in store staff. A risk assessment is essential in the pre planning process and must be followed throughout by a trained installation team.

Multi-site Capability

Retail chains tend to update large portions of the retail estate within a similar period of time. Any installation team should be able to ensure that each individual installation across several outlets meet the same standard and reflect a continual brand message i.e. all POS, signage is consistent with no disparaging variations.

Fast Response

Wear and tear and broken fixtures do not make for an appealing retail environment. An installers job doesn’t just stop with the installation; a reputable agency ensures that any continual work that is required can be carried out quickly – ensuring that the in store aesthetic is the best it can be.

Momentum Instore’s Retail Response allows retailers to instantaneously log any issues online through its dedicated app, making fixing installation as easy as a swipe of a screen.

On Brand Messaging

Does the POS installation meet brand guidelines? Is the installation reflective of what the brand has set out to achieve? These are a couple of questions that must be considered in all installation work, to ensure it meets objectives and minimises delay of completion.  And it isn’t just the installations that must reflect brand compliance, as the installer team must also comply with brand guidelines. Examples such as ensuring they follow uniform guidelines, sign in procedures and meet the expectations that brands and retailers assume of their own staff are something any experienced installation team can adapt to.


High volume installations usually require a lot of collateral and the reality is that sometimes certain items might be missing or broken. Installers should not ignore this and must ensure they have a robust process in place to report any lost/damaged collateral, ensuring work isn’t disrupted and issues can be rectified without haste.

Installation projects are not just a case of simply coming in and doing a job. The process must ensure that the work reflects the standard of the retailer and that it is done right first time.

What to think about be taking on an installation company?
  • 1/4 What is the training procedures of the installation company?
  • 1/4 Has the installation company worked with similar retailers?
  • 1/4 What are the brand guidelines that the installation must adhere to?
  • 1/4 How many installation projects does the team usually work across?
  • 1/4 What is the on-time completion rates of projects?
  • 1/4 What is the reporting process?

Momentum Instore has worked across many retail installation project across the UK working with some of the biggest names in retail, to find out how our team can help you, contact us today.


An Installation Case Study

Working with the retail institution that is Boots, Momentum Instore delivered a high volume installation campaign which aimed to make the shopping experience a more pleasurable one.

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