Our Favourite New Year Displays

Posted by Paul McCarthy on 16 January 2017

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The New Year is a time that always brings out the best in retailers, so in this week’s blog we’ve decided to look at some of our favourite installations that we’ve encountered over the years.

Whether they’re evoking the ever-popular concept of a fresh start, or simply celebrating with a creative and compelling display, you can always rely on the New Year celebrations to provide some inspiring retail offerings.


Kicking off our list is high-end retail heavyweight Harrods, with a suitably glamorous display it used to usher in the new year. Using the hashtag #HappyNewYou, the London-based luxury department store featured a number of decadent and aspirational scenarios to provide an optimistic introduction to the New Year for its customers.

The impressive offering included a variety of creative displays, from a giant tap with innovative light fittings imitating water, to a surprisingly realistic underwater scene complete with mermaids and some surprisingly large kelp.

Not only did this installation display a compelling level of creativity, it also featured one of the most popular and effective messages of the period “New Year, New You.”


The Body Shop

Despite the success of our previous example, simplicity can also be incredibly effective when designing retail displays around occasions. Take this example from UK cosmetics and skin-care giant The Body Shop. Sometimes all it takes is a tastefully arranged and vibrant display that clearly communicates the message to succeed.



Clothing retailer Diesel is another high-street name that has embraced the concept of “New Year, New You,” albeit with its own unique spin. Known for its high-quality denim jeans, the Italian outfit designed this display with a call to action for customers to start the year with a brand new pair of jeans.

Featuring a stylish neon sign as a backdrop, the display gives the occasion a slick modern twist and a catchy tagline perfect for sharing across social media.


Chinese New Year

Another world-renowned retail occasion that falls close to the traditional western New Year celebrations is Chinese New Year. In 2017 it falls on the 28th January and is sure to inspire a raft of impressive installations across the country and internationally. Take this example from Karen Millen, marrying Chinese culture with the UK retailer’s new clothing line using traditional Chinese paper lanterns. 


The festival is also adopted by upmarket retailers like Harrods, who really pulled out all the stops a few years ago with this modern and innovative design that takes an artistic approach to Chinese culture with subtle lighting and a origami-styled tiger.


As we can see from these examples retailers step up their game every year to create better and more innovative installations to celebrate the welcoming of a new year. We can’t wait to see what will be on display next year.

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