The Power of 3: Managing Your Retail Estate the Momentum Way

Posted by Momentum Instore on 17 April 2017

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Momentum Instore has been working hard to understand how our installation service can add value across all areas of our clients’ business. Faced with the challenge of maintaining a large retail estate, with hundreds of stores and personnel to manage, we set out to make installation, maintenance and marketing planning as easy as the swipe of a screen.

Our InSite system is the primary tech offering we extend to our clients. The platform provides a home for our range of retail management services and, as the name suggests, provides essential insights into the performance, cost and day-to-day running of our clients’ retail estates.

InSite has been a key asset to a number of our clients as they transition from an initial retail installation project to the everyday management of their UK store estates. From detailed desktop data to an instant mobile snapshot on the InSite app, our clients benefit from knowing everything about their stores, wherever they are in the world.

Project Status - see live project results at the swipe of a screen

- Check the status of live projects and individual store visits
- View store specific visit vouchers, containing all the answers to your questions about a particular store
- View a full image gallery of completed stores

My Estate - a live inventory of everything in your retail estate (and we mean everything)

My Estate allows full control of even the most expansive retail environment and is available through InSite. Using a wide range of data collected from clients’ stores, My Estate gives clients a top-down view of all assets across their retail estate, meaning they’re always informed and ready to tackle day-to-day operations.
- View all store assets, from the dimensions of your windows to the maintenance history of your till points, on one simple platform
- Look at an individual store’s data, or a specific piece of information across all stores
- Track your assets through our barcode technology
- Order new point of sale items to be delivered to store
- Make quicker, more informed marketing decisions

Retail Response – a quick fix for any issues

Supporting our clients in the everyday management of their retail stores, Retail Response springs into action when something does go wrong. Retail Response allows users to quickly dispatch maintenance crews to store, to fix or install new equipment.
- Store maintenance requests actioned within 24 hours
-  Retail estates remain faultless in presentation
- All requests are tracked, approved and trend analysis provided

Agility is key to maintaining a healthy instore estate and InSite provides a quick, easy and cost-effective way to manage projects, ongoing data and maintenance.  A proven asset to our clients, InSite technology helps manage your retail estate at the touch of a button.

Asset Tracking

Realise the potential of your retail real estate

Asset tracking is designed to help retailers keep track of all their in-store collateral.

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