What The Perfect Installation Team Should Look Like

Posted by Paul McCarthy on 16 September 2016

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Any retail installation project requires careful planning, meticulous attention to detail, a rigorously planned schedule and, most importantly, a dedicated and forward-thinking installation team.

Partnering with an expert retail team that can work to strict deadlines without cutting corners will pay dividends in the long run. However, implementing an effective campaign requires expertise across a wide range of installation projects, including POS, POP, gondolas, pick, pack and collation, de-installation and recycling.

With this in mind, retailers should be carefully examining the credentials and services of installers, taking a look at their clients, both past and present, to gauge an idea of their level of expertise and areas of specialism. Requesting a case study is an ideal way to assess the type and size of projects that an installation team have previously completed, and also how quickly they are able to turn projects around.

So, what qualities does the perfect installation team need to make your project a success?

Understanding of the brand

Remaining compliant with the brand’s guidelines is one of the most important aspects of implementing a successful retail installation. And it’s not just the installation itself which must be brand compliant, as the team must also carefully follow the company’s guidelines and procedures when it comes to signing-in and out and uniform expectations. These aspects shouldn’t be disregarded, as attentiveness and professionalism will make an installation team stand out amid competitors.

Attention to detail

A keen eye for detail is a significant trait of any installer. On large scale projects in particular, when teams are painstakingly installing thousands of pieces of the same collateral, it can be easy to lose focus. However, refining a sharp eye for small mistakes and anomalies will make all the difference to an installation team.

Good timekeeping

Many installations will take place out-of-store hours, therefore it is of utmost importance that installation teams us their time efficiently and effectively. Overnight installations leave little time for errors, as the store must be in good shape to open to the public in the morning.

Efficient reporting skills 

Careful monitoring of pieces of kit is an absolute must for installers. Typically, a retail installation will include thousands of pieces of collateral, and, if not properly documented, that oh-so-important piece of missing kit could hold up an entire project. Efficient reporting of project completion is also essential in order for retailers to stay well-informed of how their installation is progressing. 

The skill and commitment of an installation team will make or break a project. Engaging with a partner who can complete the work to schedule and to a standard that reflects the brand and ethos of the retailer, will make all the difference to a retail installation project. To find out more about how to make your retail project a success, get in touch with the team at Momentum Instore today.


An Installation Case Study

Working with the retail institution that is Boots, Momentum Instore delivered a high volume installation campaign which aimed to make the shopping experience a more pleasurable one.

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