Why Asset Tracking Is Vital for Your Retail Portfolio

Posted by Rob Gleave on 17 November 2016

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The current retail climate is fast-paced and ever-changing so it is imperative that retailers take advantage of every innovation available to them.

It’s this commitment to the latest technology and our clients’ needs that led us to develop Asset Tracking, to help retailers keep track of all their in-store collateral.

But what exactly is Asset Tracking, and why is it vital for the management of your retail portfolio?

What is Asset Tracking?

Asset Tracking is a service that aims to help retailers better understand the true value of their bricks-and-mortar estate. Utilising unique numbered adhesive labels applied to equipment, Asset Tracking provides a detailed list of collateral, furniture and in-store displays from POS to photo frames. Once these are in place, users can go online and view a complete registry for the entirety of their estate, providing insights on the value of all the assets within your retail portfolio.

By allowing you to effortlessly manage your retail estate and seamlessly integrate it online, Asset Tracking can become a truly vital element of your store development. Take a look at our free eBook for the full details of Asset Tracking’s capabilities http://offer.momentuminstore.com/asset_tracking_lp

But why is data so important to maintaining and managing your expansive retail portfolio?

Data Drives Success

Asset Tracking gives users access to all historical data on their retail estate, from how long it’s been in-store, to when it was manufactured, meaning that you’re always on top of the track record of assets in your estate. This data is fully integrated with Momentum Instore’s app InSite, which means the information gets to the right people at the right time, and is accessible from your phone wherever you may be.

The data supplied by Asset Tracking makes KPI reporting that much easier as all gathered information and data can be exported from the app and transferred to reports. This allows for quick comparisons in real time and greater insight into the overall performance of your retail estate.

A Clear View of your Portfolio

The amount of information available through Asset Tracking is unparalleled, from the smallest photo frame to mannequins, no area of your retail estate is neglected. Not only this, but users can access photos of every asset, allowing a full assessment of its condition.

Having a crystal clear view of all the assets within your estate affords you not only peace of mind that your store is working for you, but also financial savings, as budgets can be allocated according to the accurate real time view of your estate. 

You will also be assured that you’ll never miss the opportunity to enhance display campaigns with extra POS displays. In addition to this, Asset Tracking can be paired with other in-app services such as Retail Response, in order to guarantee a fast turnover of any damaged collateral. Read our Retail Response blog to find out more about how it can benefit your business http://bit.ly/2exd1Ck.

Security and Profit Protection

Barcodes also act as a theft deterrent, and as every barcode is it is easy to identify a missing piece of equipment. In addition to this, the unique barcode on the equipment displays its value to the store when scanned on Momentum Instore’s app, meaning that it is easy to quickly and accurately calculate the total worth of your retail estate. This assists not only in reporting, but also calculating costs if damage or theft does occur.

Want to find out more about Asset Tracking? Get in touch with our team at 01625 569 200 or download our e-guide below.

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