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Posted by Momentum Instore on 26 January 2018

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Trust and detail – two vital elements of any retail installation. Without these, the impact on the brand could be disastrous.

Every brand wants to stand out from the crowd, grab the attention of shoppers and make sure that they are interacting with their customers and allowing them to experience their products.

To achieve this, a retailer or brand needs to have complete trust in their installation company and be confident that every single aspect has been planned in great detail.

The quality and content of the installation needs to be right first time and establishing a well-planned and methodical installation is the key to this success.

Eight easy steps to achieving the ideal installation:

1. Think about the objectives of the installation and identify any challenges that may arise so that these can be worked around early on in the planning stage.

2. Consider how to make the installation engaging and relevant – can the installation be used to give customers a unique experience?

3. The displays must be in keeping with the tone and voice of the brand -  consider text, colours, materials, images, technology – why not create synergies between instore and online?

4. What about the longevity of the campaign? It may be appropriate to ensure the installation can be updated easily.

5. Can the installation be replicated easily at multiple stores? There may be steps that can be taken early on to make sure that the installation is scalable in a variety of locations.

6. The ideal installation will be easy to monitor and maintain so make sure there are systems in place which make it easy to check up on the displays over the weeks or months of the campaign so that it continues to perform for the brand.

7. Make sure that every item of collateral is tagged and documented. A large installation can contain thousands of pieces of kit which need to be accounted for and maintained.

8. Finally, any installation involves teamwork so communication and trust will determine the success of any installation project.

To ensure complete confidence and peace of mind that an installation project will be a success, it must be carried out in a thorough and carefully planned manner with a trusted and experienced team. This will not only minimise disruption but will create a campaign that will have a real and lasting impact on customers.

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