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Posted by Momentum Instore on 27 October 2017

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Having worked in merchandising and promotions for a variety of different brands over the last 20 years, Sharone Beetham is embarking on a new adventure which has taken her on to the supplier side of the industry with responsibility for all Momentum’s cosmetic merchandising campaigns in the Midlands region.

She is a pioneer for Momentum as hers is one of four entirely new Beauty Brand Specialist (BBS) roles which have been created to ensure that all Momentum’s cosmetic merchandising campaigns are managed smoothly from start to finish.

All four new Beauty Brand Specialists each have responsibility for a different part of the country and are there to provide Momentum’s cosmetic brands with a completely bespoke and personal service, out in the field.

We caught up with Sharon to have a chat about her new role and how she ensures that her clients receive a first-class service for every single merchandising campaign.

What does a cosmetic merchandiser do?

We plan and manage each and every merchandising campaign in miraculous detail from the very beginning until we have completed every task in the plan and have met ours and the client’s high standards and expectations.

The role involves working closely with our clients, their manufacturers and installation teams to plan new sales pods, remove old lines, clean the stands down, introduce new products and make sure that every stand is immaculate and ready on time for trading.

We also work closely with the teams on the shop floor. We work with many high-end brands and their stands are incredibly important to them so we are there to make sure that their stands meet these high expectations.

As we’re out in the field, we can give our clients a completely bespoke service as we are there in store to manage the process and deal with any issues which arise.

What does a typical day look like?

Every day is completely different. I work around the campaigns and that does involve a lot of nights and early mornings and it’s a very physical job. We sometimes have a small window to merchandise for a new line before the shop opens but for bigger department stores, with large installations, we can be there all night. The workload also varies at different times of year.

When I’m not on the shop floor, I’m meeting clients at our head office near Macclesfield, planning for forthcoming campaigns. We’re the eyes and ears for our head office as we’re field based but each client has a designated manager at head office who will then contact us when necessary so each client is fully supported both in the field and by head office.

What’s the most important aspect of your job?

To make sure that each stand looks the best it possibly can, that we’re pushing the right lines and that the client has no outstanding issues at all by the end of the project.

How do you use technology in your role?

Technology is hugely valuable in my role. A great deal of information has to be collected and instantly accessible by the whole project team and it has to be up to date. We have a wonderful real-time app called Insite which makes the whole project run much more smoothly and enables us to complete the job quickly and efficiently.

We also have to take lots of photos. We used to use disposable cameras in the old days but now we have digital cameras so we can upload every image straightaway to Insite where all the other teams involved in the project can also access them.

What are the main challenges you face?

Each client has completely different needs and so many different people are involved in the process but we are ultimately responsible for making sure that the finished stand meets ours and our clients’ high expectations.

With detailed planograms and a unified team, we make sure we plan well ahead and get everyone on board with the plan at an early stage.

What would be your top piece of merchandising advice for a cosmetic brand or retailer?

Be prepared! Preparation and planning is the key. This solves so many issues and saves so much time. I also carry a little toolkit with me at all times so I can carry out my own little repairs on those last minute, fiddly little things and that can be a life saver.

Our estate management app is also a vital part of every job as all Momentum teams can access it and we have all the information we need at our fingertips.

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