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Posted by Momentum Instore on 24 November 2017

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With just a few weeks to go until the end of 2017, and the crazy season in retail, where we are all far too busy to be looking any further than the Boxing Day sales, we’re going to jump ahead in to 2018 and see what lies ‘instore’.

But now, in 2018, the detail has never been so important. With today’s fierce competition, your brand’s image must be perfectly polished from the moment your customers walk into your store.

Momentum Instore’s Retail Response is an automated system that operates in real time to provide a streamlined, easy to operate maintenance system. Using app technology retailers can request support which will be actioned within 24 hours. Day in, day out – detail is what we do.

Visual Merchandising

Every retailer must have an effective visual merchandise strategy in this age of strong competition; it attracts customers into your store, encourages them to spend more, imbeds a strong store image and results in brand loyalty. As such, no retailer can afford to ignore the importance of keeping every component of visual merchandising in tip-top shape. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of these components:


Optimum lighting is essential to enhance the colour and features of your products. It creates mood, acts as a focal point and provides a positive psychological effect on shoppers leading to sales. Even if just one bulb is out, this will affect the whole display and may result in your products going unnoticed. Even the most brightly coloured display will lack lustre leaving your customers feeling uninspired.

Digital Media

Eye-catching digital displays will grab the attention of shoppers, they entice them in to the store and make their shopping experience more enjoyable. This visual enhancement can show what’s new in your store and can demonstrate lifestyle tips just when a customer is making their purchasing decision. These striking displays can really make your store stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately, faults can occur, and the look of a blank screen is unexciting and unprofessional – not to mention a complete waste of valuable floor space.

Displays, Fixtures & Fittings

With competition high, customers will seek out stores which consistently provide a positive shopping experience. Keeping displays well stocked, clean and well-arranged is a must. If a customer can’t find the product they’re looking for, or find a broken empty shelf, brand loyalty will be lost and the shopper will move on to the next brand very quickly.

Point of Sale

This key customer touch point is a crucial part of retail strategy and drives revenue – where better to site a store’s sales literature offering incentives, loyalty schemes and services? Ensuring every piece of material is up to date, smartly presented and well stocked is critical. This may be the final part of the customer’s journey in store but if it’s a let-down it will impact negatively on their experience.

Retail Response – Passion for Detail

Keeping on top of your displays may seem a mammoth task – here’s how Retail Response can help.

Using Momentum Instore’s state of the art technology, you can request a visit from our maintenance crews or order a part without the hassle of any timely admin. From a simple swipe of a screen, Retail Response will spring into action to resolve your issues keeping your estate looking faultless.

Retail Response has been designed with the retailer in mind. It removes the ad hoc nature of maintenance and enables a strategic approach to help prevent issues arising in the first place, maintaining a fully functioning store display. To allow retailers to keep control of spending, this intelligent technology will also keep a track of costs for you and provide annual, monthly or real-time reports. 

So, from using an easy to use app, retailers can keep their brand’s identity flawless, keep track of maintenance costs and view installation statistics anywhere, anytime. Rest assured with Retail Response, you’re in safe hands.

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