Why retailers love Valentine's Day

Posted by Momentum Instore on 8 February 2018

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Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to start bringing a little colour back in to people’s lives after the doom and gloom of January. And, by now, we’re certainly ready to blow away the cold, dark winter, lift our mood and put a spring in our step.

After a manic Christmas and a busy season of sales, retailers usually can’t wait to get the love hearts out and start brightening up their shops. Obviously, retailers have to follow consumer trends and, by in large, people love Valentine’s Day. It’s a chance to tell people how much you love them and hopefully make them smile.

Seasonality is so important in the retail world. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or Back to School, retailers have to follow the seasons as well as significant national events. This year, we’ll have the World Cup, as well as a royal wedding and a royal birth, and so retailers and brands will be keen to make sure they are ‘on season’ and ‘on theme’ throughout the year.

Why is seasonality so important?
  • It provides a connection with customers as it reflects the topical things they are thinking about.
  • Retailers love a theme as it allows them to regularly update the look and feel of their shops.
  • Retailers can adapt their products or services to reflect the season or theme. There’s usually a way to tie products in to a particular theme, if it’s relevant to their customers.
  • Seasonal lines are a great way to refresh a brand’s offering or even launch a new product.
  • Personalisation is a great way for bricks and mortar stores to compete with e-commerce and seasonality can be used to offer a more personal and tangible experience to customers.

So, how can retailers and brands adapt their stores and products to reflect the season? And, what are the key things to consider?

1. Firstly, know your audience. There’s no point redecorating your store to reflect the World Cup if your audience profile is older women. Similarly, a customer profile of middle aged men is unlikely to be very interested in a royal birth.
2. Think outside the box. You don’t have to entirely redecorate your store but think about some nice, subtle but relevant touches to the décor. But, it’s not just about the décor. Why not think about a special offer or competition to encourage customer engagement?
3. Make sure the window display is topical and relevant to your customers. It needs to be beautifully designed and compelling to have real curb appeal.
4. POS displays can be used really well to reflect a particular season or theme. Digital displays are a fantastic way of staying up to date with changing trends or news as they can be updated easily and regularly.
5. Make sure your merchandising allows customers to grab something seasonal quickly and easily.
6. Keep on top of displays to make sure they look their best and are in good working order throughout the season. A polished and organised visual display, that is fully stocked and deploying the latest in-store attractions, will help create an exciting shopping experience that customers will want to return to.

Happy Valentine’s Day ?

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