How field marketing will drive sales in 2018

Posted by Momentum Instore on 12 January 2018

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All businesses have peaks and troughs and the retail industry is no different. 2018 is set to be a year of growing consumer confidence and it’s the job of an experienced field marketing team to make sure you are really getting under the skin of your customers.

With lots of new and exciting tech ready and waiting in the wings, and set to become more and more mainstream this year, how a retailer adapts to and uses this technology will make all the difference to the relationships it builds with its customers.

With years of field marketing expertise at our fingertips, within a wide range of industries, we help retailers and brands to influence and educate consumers in a way that will convert browsers in to buyers.

Here are some of the ways that our experienced team of field marketers help brands and retailers to put their customers first.

1. Knowledge is power – the better a brand knows it’s customers, the more affinity and trust they will have in the brand. This will also generate lots of valuable data which can be used to target customers with local, personal and customised offers.

2. Use it don’t lose it! An experienced field marketing team will help brands to use this data to influence and reward its loyal customers. This will build trusted relationships between retailers, brands and customers which need to be nurtured. A good old loyalty scheme is worth its weight in gold as long as it’s personalised, meaningful and relevant. Research shows that loyalty schemes make customers feel happier in a store too.

3. Take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) – if there’s one technology to get to grips with its AI. New technology is making it easier than ever for brands to give something back to consumers so identify the right opportunities and take advantage of this technology to give them a more meaningful brand experience.

4. Personal connections – when something is personal, people take notice. And when they can physically or virtually connect with a product, they are far more likely to buy it. This is a huge advantage for bricks and mortar retailers. Giving customers a personal experience with a product will make it relevant. Thankfully, the ‘don’t touch’ days are well and truly behind us and an expert field marketing team will create an instore environment which will give customers access to touch, try and interact with products. This can be done in a wide variety of ways, depending on the product, and may require some clever high-tech solutions, like virtual reality (VR), to really immerse customers in the product.

5. Multi-sensual experiences – it’s not just about the look of the store. The ambiance needs to attract the right customers so think about the sounds, smells and touch too. We all know the age-old theory that freshly baked goods help to sell houses. Well, it’s the same in shops. A trusted field marketing team will make sure that customers get a multi-sensory experience which is relevant and enticing to their customers. From the background music to the fabrics used on seats and cushions.

Understanding what makes specific customers tick is the first hurdle but also the most important step. Engaging with an experienced field marketing team to gather this data and create a relevant and meaningful brand strategy, will result in highly effective and efficient field marketing solutions that will influence and educate consumers, increase footfall in store and drive sales.

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