Inside Instore Issue 11

Posted by Momentum Instore on 15 August 2019

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Staying at the forefront of retail news and current affairs is important to us, we can then better understand the challenges and opportunities our clients are facing. Whilst the retail landscape is changing at such a pace, it's also a very exciting time to be working in the retail sector.

Inside Instore, our bi-annual magazine, looks at current retail trends, projects we have recently worked on for our clients and gives a general update on what we have been doing as a business in the past 6 months.

Topics covered in this issue:
  • Subscriber Tribes and What They Mean For Retail
  • Fenty Beauty Launch Into Boots Stores
  • Omni-channel Integration - NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP 
  • A Day In The Life of One of Our Project Managers
  • Stores of The Future
  • BRICS: Ten Years On From The First Summit: What Has Changed in The Super Group?
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