Mobile Technology That Can Improve the Retail Estate

Posted by Tim Ellis on 25 May 2016

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Mobile technology has undoubtedly changed the way in which consumers’ shop.

In fact, recent Ofcom figures revealed that 66 per cent of UK adults have a smartphone, an increase of six per cent on the previous year. So, how are these bricks-and-mortar retailers using mobile and social apps to their advantage? We discuss how mobile technology is evolving the current retail estate.

Retail Analytics

Mobile technology is giving area managers and retail executives greater access to analytics which can displayed in a clear and concise way. From an operational point of view mobile software is spearheading change in the way retailers approach analytics.


Momentum Instore App: The Momentum Instore App collects data on a store by store basis, detailing anything from stand size to maintenance history on that particular piece of kit, giving retailers the ability to not only to track their items, but allocate accurately against CapEx budgets. All of which can be logged and access remotely from a mobile device

RetailNext: The app that maps a customer’s journey, giving retailers easier access to those essential KPI’s. It gives retailers important analytics which include; how many visitors your stores have, when they come, where they go inside the store, and where they stop and engage, all of which is clearly displayed in customizable reports. 

User Generated Content

Enticing customers to create their own content has surged since the dawn of social media and especially since the rise of Instagram. Fashion retailers in particular are incentivising customers to get in the habit of posting their newly purchased clothes on the popular social media platform.

Urban Outfitters kept its concept simple, prompting customers to share their style choices in the usually private dwelling, that is the changing room, with Instagram – instantly making brand ambassadors of savvy consumes trying on the latest threads from the rail.

Examples The online software service is showing how user-generated content is impacting retail, providing retailers with robust analytics to show how social, online reviews and mobile content are all adding to retailers bottom line.

The smartphone: The smart phone isn’t just solely for consumers these days. Moreover, it has become a professional and powerful retail tool, allowing retailers to upload pictures to social media to accepting payments on the shop floor.

Retailer Apps

Branded retail apps are becoming the norm and, in some instances they are replacing the traditional plastic loyalty card. Branded apps are becoming cheaper to create and giving retailers greater opportunity to communicate with core audiences via smart devices – penetrating the consumer zeitgeist.


Starbucks: Don’t wait in line for your coffee again, the app allows customers to order your cappuccino or vanilla iced latte before entering the coffee shop chain.

Momentum Instore has witnessed first-hand how new technology is changing the retail environment and we have remained committed to ensuring our partners’ brands are at the forefront of store innovation.

Call Momentum Instore today and start a conversation about what we can do for your retail estate.

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