Common Visual Merchandising Mistakes

Posted by Momentum Instore on 11 January 2019

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When Visual Merchandising is done well, the retailer or brand will reap the rewards. A well designed and maintained store will increase customer loyalty and boost your profit.

Common mistakes 

  • False promises.  Great, you’ve got a state of the art window display with fantastic products on offer.  But, don’t be that retailer that ‘runs out’ of the product you’re promoting or hide it away making it difficult to be found. 
  • Signage and the flow of traffic.  Narrow, cluttered and uneven aisles with poor signage will make your customer’s uncomfortable and feel impatient.  Pathways between your displays and shelfing units must be clearly signposted and wide enough for shoppers to browse, encouraging a healthy flow of traffic without hinder.  Plus, with clear signage your customers will be able to find that product you’re promoting in the window!
  • Too much choice.  On one hand, it’s great to offer a wide range of products for your customer, but this needs to be displayed correctly.  If too many products appear in a small space, you run the risk of confusing the customer, negatively impacting their purchasing decisions.
  • Poor product positioning.  The key to upselling and encouraging shoppers to make a spontaneous purchase is to showcase groupings of relevant products.  Place and display that perfect belt for the little black dress.  Place and display the must-have running shoes with the sports top and pants.  An ill-thought out floor display could have a direct impact on your bottom line.
  • Poor lighting.  Every store must consider the best lighting for every product range.  The lighting used for a food display will differ from the light needed to showcase the dramatic colours of a cosmetic display.
  • Shelf designs.   Shelfing designs should complement the product, not distract from them.  Choosing the correct style and material will make a world of difference to how the customer perceives the products nestled on them.
  • Empty shelves.   It goes without saying that stock should be on display and not sat in the warehouse.  Modern shoppers expect retail owners and store managers to provide them with what they want.  Empty shelves will result in lost custom – and, it is likely that your competitors will gain from this easy to prevent mistake. 

Thankfully, the mistakes listed above are easily rectified.  You may think that because you own or manage a large store or have multiple stores that keeping on top of everything is a mammoth task, we are here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way.

Importance of preventing display mishaps before they occur

Constantly fire-fighting and acting on issues and faults when they arise will take up too much valuable time.  Plus, the damage has already been done, as the customers have seen the issues and the faults and judged your brand on this imperfect look.

How Momentum Instore Can Help

Momentum Instore has over 45 years of experience in retail and continually delivers first-class in-store brand experiences.  

Understanding how a brand can suffer through unhealthy retail displays, the expert merchandising teams at Momentum Instore will react quickly providing the ultimate service to get your store looking flawless.  Their unrivalled commitment will ensure that your brand always looks its best.

Retail Response

Momentum Instore have designed Retail Response to address the traditionally costly and inconsistent nature of store maintenance.  This automated solution allows retailers and brands to log maintenance requests in real time providing a streamlined, easy to operate maintenance system.  

Using this state of the art technology retailers can request a visit from the Momentum Instore’s maintenance crews or order a part without the hassle of any timely admin.  In addition, it removes the ad hoc nature of maintenance and enables a strategic approach to help prevent issues arising in the first place, maintaining a fully functioning store display.  

To allow retailers to keep control of spending, this intelligent technology will also keep a track of costs and provide annual, monthly or real-time reports.    

So, from using an easy to use app, retailers can keep their brand’s identity flawless, keep track of maintenance costs and view installation statistics anywhere, anytime.  

If you want more information on Momentum Instore’s services, drop our team a line today on 01625 569 200 or email


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