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A cosmetic refresh

Sweetshop, a project described by former Boots Managing Director, Elizabeth Fagan, as the largest Installation project of its kind across Europe in 2018, saw the replacement of displays used for self-selection cosmetics as well as a change of brand mix in store, and the introduction of new brands to Boots UK.  The old equipment had been in situ since 2004 and was in a tired condition. It was also not on trend with cosmetic display.

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Scale and speed

The implementation of Sweetshop was rolled out in 7 months into 2,252 stores, updating 26,698 mods’ worth of displays which is an incredibly quick turnaround given the level of complexity involved in the plan. Work in stores was completed under CDM regulations and installation partners had to train and mobilize large quantities of specialist resource to properly service the demands of the programme.


The plan required the co-ordination of overseas manufacturers, many cosmetics brands, a diverse store estate with varying requirements, new stock lines, new promotional materials and hundreds of new equipment parts.

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Our role

Momentum Instore supported in two distinct areas. The first being the creation and management of the programme, and the second in acting as the lead installation contractor delivering the works.

Programming, scheduling and control

Programming, Scheduling and Control (PSC), saw an implant team based in Boots UK headquarters managing key project dependencies. The PSC team designed a precise programme, balancing various priorities for Boots against the physical constraints faced by the supply chain. The team managed supply chain logistics across the programme and was a main point of contact for the client – an extension of the Boots team.

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Momentum Instore completed 57% of stores - so 1,302 stores in 7 months. This equated to 15,885 or roughly 60% of the new displays and this included all the stores in central London, 66% of Airports and 60% of Train Stations in the UK where access and logistics are more complicated.


The programme was delivered on time to the plan Momentum created – this was some achievement.

Momentum Instore’s Estate Management System, Insite, was used as a shared project management system for all stakeholders supporting readiness planning and its use in reporting was a key to the confidence Boots had that the project was being implemented to plan.

In terms of Merchandising and Installation, Momentum Instore received great feedback against key performance indicators, particularly with the volume of stores completed.

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