Intelligent Reporting

Momentum Instore is the proud creator of the industry's leading reporting System, InSite.

Whether you want to monitor the progress of your installation project, make and manage maintenance requests or manage your estate inventory Insite puts you in control.

Insite's simple and intuitive dashboard allows you to access each Insite application whether on desktop, tablet or mobile.

Project Status
Provides real time reporting on the progress of your installation project or store survey. Features include individual store reports, store status, image gallery and store sign off. In addition, project status provides complete visibility of your store schedule and completion status

Stock Reports
Complex installation projects often require thousands of stock items to be handled through our nationwide depot network. Our stock control application provides real time visibility of where your stock is allowing to respond to any schedule or store changes.

My Estate
Frustrated at commissioning a store survey and receiving your results on an excel spreadsheet? My Estate provides a total top down view of all of your instore assets as well as store images and layouts. Reports are simply generated at either individual store level or specific store groups.

Retail Response
Tired of managing your display maintenance programme by e-mail and phone? Retail Response is an automated application that provides a streamlined, fast response order and maintenance system backed up by our Retail Response maintenance teams. Maintenance requests can be made, approved and managed all through one application simplifying the process and improving response times.

Our Service Includes

  • Real Time Reporting
  • Stock & Inventory Management
  • Compliance Reports
  • Project and Campaign Monitoring
  • Digital Photography
  • Store Sign Off and Signature
  • Estate Inventory Management
  • Maintenance Request Management

My Estate

Access your retail estate
from the palm of your hand.

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