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Introducing NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP to stores across Europe

A changing marketplace
Whilst online sales are continuing to grow year-on-year, the makeup industry has also seen a dramatic rise in the demand for a physical space; an in-store experience. Makeup lovers crave somewhere they can go into, try on a product and see how it would look on them before they commit to the purchase. They want to play around with swatches on their hands and see just how pigmented that product really is on the skin. They want to see whether that lipstick is just as moisturising as the new Instagram campaign claims it is. They need to feel it for themselves. 

Customer Story

Adapting to change

Whilst emerging technologies such as AR makeup apps are exciting, nothing beats the real thing. For NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP, an in-store experience was the next logical step after gaining popularity online.

Our role

Momentum Instore teams got to work across the whole of Europe, implementing their new venture in the form of both shop-in-shops and free-standing stores.

We tracked the progress of the store build and fit-out and coordinated the inbound logistics of the furniture from the production location to the store, before installing and merchandising the new stands.

We are proud to be helping such an iconic brand move into retail environments and give its customers an interactive, exciting in-store experience.

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Maintaining NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP’s strong brand image

The importance of in-store maintenance
Retail is changing. People are shopping online, have more choice than ever and lead increasingly busy lives. For any brand operating in retail environments, this means making the in-store brand experience as impactful as possible.

What do we do?

We work with NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP to ensure their stands have all the latest POS material and TV content, ensuring consistency across both online and in-store platforms, providing a seamless omni-channel experience for their customers.

During remerchandising visits, as an additional service our teams check over the whole stand and report directly to the manufacturers regarding any missing, broken or damaged parts. Our reporting system, insite, can be programmed with every part code so that we can quickly assess exactly what is needed and pass on the information digitally to the manufacturer. From there, they can generate store- specific packs and solve the issue quickly.

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Further to this, because all part requests are logged on insite, over time the manufacturer can generate reports to see which parts are requested most often. This means they can assess whether the part in question could be improved to be more durable and the need for replacement could be reduced.

Read more about our Retail Response service here.