Retail Display Maintenance

With retailers spending significant sums - which in some cases can stretch to millions of pounds - on advertising, the in-store display must support the total brand message.

Celebrity-endorsed TV advertising campaigns and carefully implemented marketing strategies will be ruined in an instant if the point of sale is a let down. A poorly-stocked, unattractive, confusing or broken display will adversely affect the whole retail experience and will, ultimately, turn customers away.

Retail Response is state of the art technology to support the Momentum maintenance service.

Designed to remove the traditionally ad hoc nature of store maintenance, Retail Response enables a strategic approach.  Rather than take a store-by-store and reactive approach to troubleshooting and store maintenance, which will introduce delays by only addressing a problem once it has happened, Retail Response is designed to enable retailers to build a proactive retail strategy that helps prevent any issues arising in the first place, maintaining a fully functional and well presented store display.

Full visibility of the maintenance work carried out is also provided through monthly, annual or real-time reports, meaning retailers have full control of their spending and a handle on what displays or stores may require additional attention.

Challenges that Retail Display Maintenance will solve;

Rapid troubleshooting
A broken light on a backlit display or a blown fuse that causes a video to fail, for example, will all lead to even the most attractive counter looking unappealing.

Inviting merchandising
It is critical to keep every display fully stocked, clean and well arranged. If a customer can’t find the product they’re looking for and the display looks heavily shopped and uninviting, they will move on to the next brand very quickly.

Up to date POS
Brands will invest heavily in eye-catching point of sale material to give customers valuable incentives such as offers, coupons and loyalty schemes. Keeping this material easily accessible, well arranged and up to date is critical to ensure the retail strategy works.

Tracking expenditure
With margins being squeezed as competition remains fierce, both among brands and with online shopping continuing to make inroads into the in-store experience, it is vital for retailers to have an accurate and timely snapshot of costs.

Our Service Includes

  • Ongoing POS maintenance programmes
  • Reactive retail maintenance calls
  • Parts storage and distribution
  • Live maintenance reporting
  • Detailed costs and parts analysis