Store Surveys

Retailers need to know the exact make up of their stores more than ever to stay ahead of the competition and fight economic uncertainty.

Whether that’s store dimensions, till points, POS or visual merchandising layouts, a lack of visibility is a recipe for disaster. But by completing a store survey, and ongoing monitoring through My Estate, retailers can harness the power of data and avoid the following pitfalls.

Our store surveys are quick, accurate and cost-effective, ensuring that retailers’ key goals are met while keeping store disruption to a minimum. Our Intouch app allows our teams to carry out complex data tasks easily by using question sets uploaded to our state of the art online system, Insite, providing a thorough log of all instore collateral delivered on time and precisely. We avoid the high cost time commitment and manpower often associated with carrying out a full store survey, providing focus and detail when you need it most. A complete overview of all your instore assets and inventory is provided and this information can be managed easily and effectively through our My Estate application.

By harnessing the power of this data retailers can futureproof, ensure compliance and prevent unnecessary costs.

My Estate

Momentum Instore’s My Estate provides a total top-down view of all the assets in the surveyed estate via Insite. Our dashboard can be accessed on desktops, mobiles and tablets and bespoke reports downloaded, allowing strategic decisions to be made on the fly, anywhere and instantly.

My Estate provides an agile and proactive response to any issue. Our asset management technology tracks all the collateral and fittings in an estate and holds data on its history and current condition as well as provides up to date photographs, adding another level of detail above a simple store survey.

My Estate is also kept totally up to date with the latest data on clients' stores through legacy visits following initial store surveys, meaning our clients are always totally informed of the changes to their estate at the swipe of a screen.

By using My Estate, retailers can prevent the problems that a lack of visibility of their retail estate causes.

Our Service Includes

  • Compliance Checks
  • Space Assessment for New POP
  • Analysis of Fixtures and Gondola Locations
  • Store Profilng and Measurement
  • Digital Photography
  • Category and SKU Performance
  • Maintenance Evaluation