Momentum Instore is committed to the principle of environmental sustainability. Further to the examples below, we are always developing new ideas and ways of improving our processes in order to remain at the forefront of this significant corporate social responsibility we share with every business across the globe.

Our board of directors lead our environmental commitments and are supported by departmental heads of service across the business in delivering operational targets. We have a documented environmental policy enshrined within our company handbook which governs the way in which we work with our colleagues, suppliers and partners to achieve best practice for the protection of the environment and to reduce any adverse environmental impact arising from the provision of our services.

In partnership with one of our high-profile clients, we have committed to delivering their installation and merchandising programme waste-free by 2020.  We successfully completed a trial phase in January. Two further phases are planned for later in 2019, culminating in a zero-waste target for all of their projects by 2020.

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Introducing our new Technical and Sustainability Manager, Mike Jones.

As cliche as it sounds, the future is in the hands of all of us. We know that businesses like ours need to take responsibility for our actions and do what we can to reduce our carbon footprint, working together to combat the effects of the current climate emergency we have on our hands.

To this end, we have refocused our efforts, putting a stronger focus on sustainable practices across the business, and decided it's time to have someone take ownership of this process.

Mike Jones is responsible for the development of genuine innovation to offer technical and environmental solutions to clients, as well as developing the most efficient approach to the delivery of the function as a whole. Mike takes ownership of our sustainability programme and works with all stakeholder and clients to drive sustainability across all accounts.

Shaping a better future

We advise a number of our clients on the installation of more durable Point of Sale which is suitable for updates during its lifecycle, rather than implementing more temporary displays which require full and regular replacement and results in more product being committed to landfill.

Momentum is committed to reducing the use of paper and packaging. We have made all training documentation paperless by uploading briefs to our training portal and we utilize recyclable packaging materials for our pick and pack service for our clients.

Our sustainability journey

We have procured a fleet vehicle contract which has significantly reduced our carbon footprint and ensures that all of our fleet vehicles are no more than 4 months old, are fitted with the latest innovations in terms of green technology, are very fuel efficient and generate lower CO2 emissions.

We promote car sharing between merchandisers wherever possible and schedule teams to ensure that the fewest number of journeys are required.

We are excited to work with our clients and suppliers to progress further in our sustainability journey and set the standard for ways of working in our field.