Retail Response: The emergency services of retail

Posted by Momentum Instore on 3 November 2017

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In the UK, we are lucky to have fast and effective emergency services which are always on hand to help and come to the rescue in times of crisis.

In retail, it may not be a matter of life and death but crises do happen and they can have a severely detrimental effect on a shop or brand. Leaving retail displays in poor health will not reflect well on a retailer’s reputation.

So, how can a retailer make sure they have access to their very own emergency service that will come to the rescue in times of crisis and make sure any problems are taken care of quickly and efficiently?

Retail emergencies

Retail Response is the solution to any retail display emergency, making sure that any issues are fixed and displays are left looking the best they possibly can. But what are the qualities of an emergency service and how do they compare with Retail Response?


When a retailer’s display is broken or shelves are running empty, retailers need to act fast to prevent customers from walking away. Just like any emergency service, Retail Response will spring into action immediately to fix any problems.

Within just 24 hours, a maintenance crew will be dispatched in to store to fix or install new equipment, leaving the retail estate in full working order and looking great.


Any emergency service has to be effective and with the retail sector being such a fast-evolving and dynamic area, innovations are constantly transforming how customers shop and how retailers organise their store operations.

An effective emergency service must operate in real time and Retail Response is a highly effective and fully-automated ‘real-time’ tool that will track, approve and analyse every single piece of kit in a retailer’s display. It also provides real-time maintenance reports.

Retail Response is also effective in the way it keeps track of any maintenance costs so they don’t spiral out of control. By analysing trends and identifying patterns in maintenance requests, users are able to fully optimise their retail estate, meaning they save money on unnecessary repairs and call-outs.

High tech

Intelligent technology is at the core of Retail Response. This is as crucial for retailers as it is for the emergency services. Both want a streamlined process with full visibility and all their information in one place. This is fundamental for improving productivity and, thereby, saving valuable time and money.

Not just emergencies

But there is a much bigger picture to consider. The emergency response arm of our health, fire and police service is just one part of a far more extensive system. The same is true for Retail Response, which was developed as a feature of the InSite app which helps retailers with the day to day management of their entire retail estates.

This is great news as it means that retailers can access InSite and, therefore, Retail Response from a smartphone giving access to maintenance, installation visits and statistics at the touch of a button.

Peace of mind

However, in the interests of balance, there is one way that Retail Response really does stand head and shoulders above any other emergency service…it will leave all those who use it feeling safe in the knowledge that their retail estate has been left in tip top condition and with a clean bill of health for the long term.

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